White paper


Selection of wireless networks for industry and intralogistics

The search for a suitable wireless network reveals a multitude of very different approaches. In theory, users can choose between open and proprietary network systems, whereby the former appear at first glance to be the more attractive – due to their presumed manufacturer independence. But does this first impression hold up in practice? Read our white paper to find out more about various widespread wireless systems, the pitfalls of so-called standard solutions, as well as the benefits of a solution which has been developed specifically for industry and intralogistics.

Selecting wireless networks for AGV fleets

A typical application example for wireless networks in intralogistics is the integration of automated guided vehicle (AGV) systems in factory automation. Besides a central network controlling communication between the AGV system and the fleet management, additional wireless networks can be used for other tasks such as communication between the AGV system and stationary pickup points, or between individual AGV and conveyors. Manufacturers, system integrators and users of AGV fleets all face the challenge of finding the wireless system best suited to their individual application. Read our White Paper to discover more about the benefits of using wireless networks with AGV fleets, the most common wireless systems available, and the advantages of a dedicated solution developed especially for use in industry and intralogistics.