Location-independent remote management of stack lights

The deployment of stack lights in shop floor logistics is an established measure for improving overall equipment effectiveness. The clear assignment of notifications to workstations is of huge added value because it ensures faster problem-solving on site, aids the detection of production bottlenecks and prevents stocked materials from running out. Wireless connection of signalling columns directly to the central IT system means that notifications can be visualised in real time, preventing production bottlenecks and material shortages.


  • Direct transfer of malfunction notifications from central IT system to assembly workstations
  • Potential malfunctions can be signalled in advance
  • Fewer process interruptions through direct localisation of malfunctions
  • Simple integration in existing production lines
  • Dynamic adaptation to shop floor modifications

Detailed technical explanations and ascertainment of malfunction sources by employees cost time and money. In addition, production halls are often crowded, with severely limited visibility to individual workstations. The high positioning of stack lights enables their status to be seen easily by all responsible persons and in all areas. Potential malfunctions can be visualised in good time, enabling them to be pinpointed faster.

By deploying an IIoT-enabled add-on (RF UBR-NET), stack lights can also be supplied with the power they require, permitting them to be installed in locations where no signalling cables have been laid. Using the wireless actor, retrofitting and upgrading of existing signalling columns is also possible.

In connection with (RF MAKD and RF BF) wireless command devices, it is also possible to integrate a wireless (Andon) notification system.

Products for location-independent remote management of stack lights